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Youth Day of Caring

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Youth Day of Caring, May 12 (8a-5p): 

United Way works to match volunteer teams with local area nonprofits, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and other service projects around the community. Day of Caring is a fantastic opportunity for team-building outside your regular day-to-day. The event raises awareness of needs and services in the community while helping complete big projects all around the area.

This is the first year the United Way is hosting a Youth Day of Caring event and we are looking forward to making this an annual event to better engage the youth of Mahaska County.This event is for Students in the Oskaloosa Community School District grades 9-12. We will be seeking further school districts in Mahaska County for this event in the future. 

If you have any questions while filling this out please email or call Timothy Gibson at | 641.673.6043. 

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Please put the first and last name of your emergency contact, their relation to you, and a current phone number.
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A volunteer appreciation lunch will be held at St. Mary's Parish Center (301 High Ave E) from 11:30a-12:30p.
Please list any duties you can't perform here. If this isn't applicable please put n/a.
I, the undersigned, do hereby release from liability any persons volunteering/working on projects, owners of property, or any person associated with United Way of Mahaska County "Youth Day of Caring" program. In case of emergency, I permit United Way representatives and any person on site to contact emergency response should something happen to me while volunteering. I do hereby give unlimited permission to the United Way of Mahaska County to use my picture/likeness, testimonial, audio or video talent on television, radio, or in any printed materials for promotional purposes without any remuneration or repercussion to the United Way of Mahaska County.
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