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On Wednesday, September 12,  volunteers from all walks of life will set aside projects at home and work to help local non-profits and community members finish theirs. Day of Caring aims to bring friends, families, co-workers, and community members together to make a positive impact in Mahaska County.

The day will be split into two shifts, with a Volunteer Appreciation Lunch scheduled between shifts. Volunteers can choose to work either the morning, afternoon or all day. United Way matches each volunteer team to projects based on their preferences and limitations. Projects range from simple clean-ups and painting to minor construction work, so volunteers of all skill levels and abilities are welcomed to take part  - everyone can do something!

Last year on Day of Caring, nearly 300 volunteers, worked tirelessly to complete 20 projects! This year we expect to see many familiar faces and encourage new volunteers to participate in the Day of Caring fun. Non-profits, organizations, or individuals needing help with projects should fill out a Project Request form. Please submit as many projects as needed. Although United Way cannot guarantee that every project will be completed, we try our best to accommodate all requests. 

Information is also available at the United Way of Mahaska County office located at 500 High Ave W. If you are having difficulty getting a form please contact United Way of Mahaska County at 641.673.6043.

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If you are registering with your employer please enter here. If you are a community member please just type community volunteer.
If you have limitations due to allergies, pregnancy, disability, etc. please make note of them here.
I, the undersigned, do hereby release from liability any persons volunteering/working on projects, owners of property, or any person associated with the United Way of Mahaska County “Day of Caring” program. In case of emergency, I permit United Way representatives and any person on site to contact emergency response should something happen to me while volunteering. I do hereby give unlimited permission to the United Way of Mahaska County to use my picture/likeness, testimonial, audio or video talent on television, radio, or in any printed materials for promotional purposes without any remuneration or repercussion to the United Way of Mahaska County. For everyone volunteering, please collect a dated signature on this form.