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Letter from the Executive Director

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Hello Mahaska County!

27,287.  That’s how many times someone in our community benefited from one of our sponsored programs.  For some, the impact was relatively small – a child getting a meal from our Summer Lunch program or a free trip across town on Oskaloosa Rides.  For others, their lives were changed forever. A victim of domestic violence getting the support she needs to leave her abuser.  Or a person with a disability getting improvements to make his home safe again. 
So remember this…
1.  No matter what the help looks like, it all matters!  I wish I could pass on to you every single smile and “thank you” we get.  Each time a child receives a new backpack.  Each time a homeless person gets the help they need to come in from the cold.   It matters. 
2. We are always looking for new ways to help people!  Our staff and volunteers are deeply entrenched in this community.  So when we hear about a problem, we don’t say, “Let somebody else worry about it.”  We take action.  Last year, we were instrumental in launching Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mahaska County.  We will never stop trying to break down the barriers that are preventing our neighbors from having happy and healthy lives. 
3. We always need YOU!  There will never be a way that United Way works without the support of so many in our community.  So whether it’s a few dollars a month or volunteering with one of our programs, it’s all essential to doing what we do.  
So on behalf of the THOUSANDS of people helped through your donation to United Way of Mahaska County…THANK YOU!
Amy Meyer