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Health Initiative Survey

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About this Survey
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we've decided to forego hosting the Color Me United 5k on Friday, September 14. We had moved it to September to avoid the April showers, but there are just too many conflicts that will prevent a successful event. We're currently re-evaluating our health initiatives and would love your feedback about where you'd like for us to spend our resources. Please complete the survey below to share your thoughts.
Please rank the following 1 being highest need and 10 being lowest need in our community.
Drug/Alcohol recovery programs *
Access to healthy food *
Mental health support *
Volunteer Opportunities *
Activities for youth *
Social engagement for the elderly *
Ways for adults to be active *
Opportunities to get connected in your community *
Access to health care and treatment *
If you know of a need in our community related to health and wellness but we didn't list it above please use this space to add it.