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Day of Caring

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Every year on Day of Caring, United Way of Mahaska County brings together some of our area's most dedicated volunteers to join forces and make a BIG impact in our community. 

Event Objectives
United Way works to match volunteer teams with local area nonprofits, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and other service projects around the community. Day of Caring is a fantastic opportunity for team-building outside the workplace. The event raises awareness of needs and services in the community, while helping complete big projects all around the area, and allowing contributors to see their money put to good use.

How it Works
Local community agencies and non-profits identify project needs to United Way. United Way then reaches out to businesses and organizations in the community about putting together volunteer teams for the event. Once we have all the project and team forms, United Way coordinates teams and projects. Then the fun begins!

Making an Impact 
Day of Caring is an unforgettable, hands-on experience during which volunteers actively improve our community, while spending quality time with co-workers, friends, and family. The work volunteers do continues to impact the community long after Day of Caring is over. Day of Caring is also a great way for the community to see their donations to the United Way Campaign at work.

Get Involved
The types of projects volunteers complete on Day of Caring range greatly, so everyone can do something! We encourage anyone and everyone to be involved. This event is a great way to make a difference in our community and have a fun time doing it! If you or your business is interested in getting involved with Day of Caring, to share questions or comments, or for more information about the event, visit the Day of Caring website, contact our office at 641.673.6043, or email